it’s been a while *_*


The only product from Japan that i can get here T_T! (it tastes awful ; ; ww) how do japanese people drink it like it was something delicious? i want to try~~

i have taken a lot of photographs from the last time i went to the sea, but they are in my brother’s mobile phone, and he is too lazy to download them to his pc = = !

here are old pictures i took with my phone’s bad camera, it is around my college *_*

* Photobucket *Photobucket * Photobucket * Photobucket*

2 thoughts

  1. ايش ذا ؟؟ ببسي دايت XD??
    أكره ببسي دايت !!!!!

    لول كليتكم حلوه والله ماشاء الله @_@
    عاد أبغا اشوف بحركم XD!!!
    زني عليه زيادة XD

  2. hahahhahaha, lol well pokari does have a funny taste if you’re not use to it. but as an asian I find it sooooo refresshiiinng hhahahahahha

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