96. Storm

.96. Storm

Teppen was snuggled on the couch in the living room with a thick blanket at her knees, reading a big book with beautiful ladies on each page.

Augustine leaned on the doorway between the kitchen and the living room. “I have a bad feeling.”

The blond looked up from the fashion book with knotted brows. “About what?” Her mother’s intuition was never wrong.

“About May.” Augustine loved the boy like he was her own, but having him as a son in law was going to be just awful with the way he is. “Are you sure he’s in his dorm room?”

“Yeah i called him two hours ago.”

“He isn’t going to go out anytime soon? are you sure?”

“He’s too lazy to go out, besides, there’s a storm out there, can’t you hear it?” even if she said that, it doesn’t make her any less worried, so she grabbed her cell phone and called him.

No answer.

“He’s not answering!” she shouldn’t have said that. “Maybe he went out to get something to eat?”

“I hope so…” She went back to the kitchen to take the muffins out of the oven and was startled when the bell rang. Teppen got to the door before she did, and was hugging the wet boy before she could get to him herself. “Oh thank god you’re alright!”

May, male, white hair, blue eyes and soaking to the bone, smiled to the blond busty woman and patted the head of the girl clinging to his chest. “Yeah, Uhhh you knew i was coming?”

“No, just call it an intuition…” she brought a towel and went about drying his hair. “Where’s your cell phone?”

“I forgot it at my other room…” he said with messy but dry hair. “Do you, like, know the future or something? how did you know i forgot it?”

This time Teppen answered. “We called two minutes ago.”


“You’re not.” she grabbed his wet sleeve and pushed him up the stairs. “Go shower, you’ll catch a cold.”

“Actually its what I’m here for.” he paused on the first step. “I think I’m sick, its why i came here.” His dorm manager wouldn’t let any women inside, so its only natural that he’d decide to spend his sick days here… one woman was practically his sister and the other practically his mother.

“You’re one selfish ass, you know that?”

“Actually yes, thanks for taking care of me in advance.” with that, he climbed up the stairs and shut the bathroom door.

Augustine shook her head and bit a muffin with a vengeance. “I have no idea where you got that one.” she chewed and glared at her daughter. “He can never understand your feelings, and you can never lie to him. It will be hell, I can feel it.”

“But can you ‘know’ it?” Teppen asked and got back under the warm covers.

“No…” she actually felt the opposite, her daughter and May were going to be great together, but she wasn’t going to allow her daughter to know for sure. never.

Teppen grinned and got back to her book.

She knew her mother’s lies even before they came.

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  1. argh I love May’s character, such a nice a**hole.
    how did you came up with them reny ?

  2. i dunno really, they were random characters drawn to represent months of the year XD somehow they got a life of their own now O_O”

  3. mouarrrfff , but then Teppen ? because for me a teppen it’s the hot plate they use in japanese restaurant ahahhaha lol (just thought about it now) or is it the name of a month in another language ? mouarf. and reading your story again made me want to dreeeeaaawww torn again lol

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