50 things I want to do before i turn old and grainy

Artist drawing an Artist drawing an Art Test... huh?

List is subject to change/expanding XD

– Write one piece of literature that I can be proud to publish

– Make a youtube vlog (TECHNOLOGY HURRY UP! I need a talking 3d avatar of myself liek NOW!)

– finish the 100 stories project

– finish my unfinished novel (project name: B&B)

– Climb a mountain with climbing gear

– learn how to swim and jump off a diving board

– paint a whole room by myself

– design shirts/jewelery so awesome that people would want to buy it online

– buy an advanced sewing machine and try making my own line of shirts/messenger bags/etc

– draw on ceramic mug(s)

– go to japan

– read a new fiction book every month T^T

– I want to write: wake up one day and find that J.K.Rowling has published a new HP book! but i know it’s not going to happen =A=”

– write an Arabic novel that makes an impact

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